(英語版)There are many places which fall into why, or financial difficulties and bankruptcy among the U.S. electric vehicle maker's coda, and the makers of the application application ? electric vehicle of a bankruptcy law, or the Sora ? panel.


There are many places which fall into why, or financial difficulties and bankruptcy among the U.S. electric vehicle maker's coda, and the makers of the application application ? electric vehicle of a bankruptcy law, or the Sora ? panel. 

Although it becomes fundamental contents, two kinds exist, electric (electric power) a flow, i.e., "current." 
One calls it a "direct current", it flows into the pole of minus from the pole of plus, and has the character of the simple mechanism of switching on the light if an electric bulb is put in in between between them. 
This typical thing is a "dry cell" and being mostly used to a flashlight or the thing to carry is the feature. 
"Exchange" to it is a thing of the character in which electricity flows, while plus and minus interchange periodically, and it is current which this is built in plant, flows through a power line, and comes to the electric socket of a house. 
A direct current and exchange have a respectively favorite point and weak point, and two kinds, a direct current and exchange, will be properly used in everyday life according to a use. 
Although a direct current can be stored, when transmitting it, it is the feature that the loss of energy becomes remarkably large. 
Moreover, the thing with little [ although it is reverse and cannot store ] energy loss to power transmission of exchange is the feature. 
As long as it is passing by the present life, the benefit of the difference between a direct current and exchange is known, and it is ずらい, but I am a direct current and regard what is being used by the present exchange as whether the thing [ that a weak point is greatly conspicuous when it is reverse and electric use is considered ] is quite obvious. 
For example, considering the use from a "battery", the size of a dry cell required for one day of ザックリ 言えば thinks that three refrigerators of the abbreviation 400L are required one in the current from the electric socket used at home. 
Conversely, since it must take in by a "line" from a domestic electric socket supposing a flashlight will be taken in from AC power supply, when bringing to a distance, you have to carry out, with a line connected. 
If こ which has such a thing in mind, and this "electric vehicle" do not carry a lot of [ how ] "batteries", it understands whether they are realized as a car. 
Although the car of the use of a "hybrid car" exists even in Japan, in not much not seeing too and being mostly used abundantly now now, as for the actual condition, there are many gasoline-powered cars. 
If it becomes so and an electric vehicle will be used, the battery whose price it is very high, and is user-unfriendly, and is huge too is carried, Furthermore, if fuel consumption will also become very bad and does not have "governmental" support very much when it becomes what "must charge" briskly by somewhere, the electric vehicle in private enterprises will be made impossible [ doing ]. 
although the news in which it appears and the maker of a solar panel (photovoltaics) goes bankrupt one after another across overseas before was able to be seen, since it is far far from utilization, profit also thinks that the present condition will be unsatisfactory. 
Although the Japanese maker sharp deals with the Sora ? panel greatly to it, I also think whether holding falling [ the sharp / into the state with difficult management ] mist beam solar power generation relation can be denied. 
As a conclusion of bankruptcy in this case, in order to make it to development and utilization of an electric vehicle, after the battery (electric power capacity) which is the fundamental problem too is secured firmly, an enterprise measure is important. 
If the present condition of the present electric vehicle runs 20 km, who wants whether to buy the expensive car which a battery is already lost and carries out 2 million of エンコ and such a state to 3 million, and it will be わない. 
Development of a small battery with very big capacity is the first priority first. 
If utilization [ like the present gasoline-powered car ] whose electric vehicle is can be performed, it will be thought whether to become to the extent that it says that the telephone call for 3 hours can be performed without charge for one year in the form where the battery of the present mobile phone is as it is every day. 
So, an electric vehicle is technically difficult, unless the affair of a battery is solved. 
"development of a micro mass battery" -- since the person who got this will contribute to development of the world economy or future technology remarkably, probably the award of the Nobel Prize for physics (or chemistry prize) will become positive. 


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